Leah + NicSt. John's Cathedral Wedding

It is always such an honor to work with people like Leah and Nic.  They are two of the sweetest, most genuine people, and they have such a sweet love story.  Leah and Nic have so much love in their hearts for one another.

Here’s how Nic proposed, as told by Leah:
“Nic’s parents and grandparents came into town from out of state for his confirmation. He had been going through the process to become Catholic and his confirmation was March 26, which was also my birthday. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I naturally thought this would be the day he would propose! Well, the day came and went and Nic was confirmed which was super exciting, but he did not propose and I was admittedly a little bummed. The next day was Easter Sunday and we were all going to my grandmother’s house which is across the street from my parent’s house. It was an exciting day because our family was going to meet for the first time. We always have Easter lunch at my grandmother’s, so nothing seemed out of the ordinary. After enjoying a nice lunch all together, Nic asked me to walk over to my parent’s house. I gave him a super hard time about it because no one was over there and I didn’t see the point of going. Finally, he convinced me. He wanted to take a romantic walk over, but it looked like it was about to rain and I didn’t want to get caught in it, so I made him drive (being difficult again). We got to my parents house and he brought me to the back door, which was weird because no one ever uses that door. Then, it all became clear. He grabbed me and began to talk about how this was the spot where we first had met and how grateful he was that my brother-in-law had invited him to my niece’s birthday. Then he knelt down and pulled the ring out from a flower pot where he had hidden it, and on one knee, he asked me to marry him. We then went back across the street to my grandmother’s house where we got to celebrate with all of our family! No one knew the proposal was going to happen except for my parents, who he had asked for their blessing that morning, so everyone was totally surprised.”

Here’s Leah’s recap of their favorite parts of the day:
“Can I say the entire day? Nic and I both agree this was the best day of our lives and it’s extremely hard to pick a favorite, but we narrowed it down. Our favorite part was when I first walked down the aisle to him. We decided against a first look, so this was the first time we saw each other that day. Our hearts were so filled with joy to be finally getting married. It was the moment we had been waiting on for so long, and we could not have been happier.  We also had so much fun dancing with all of our friends and family at the reception! With so many of them being out of town, it was just the perfect night to get to spend with them. I think my cheeks hurt for days after the wedding from smiling so much! We loved being picked up in the air by Nic’s groomsmen during SHOUT! When three guys split their pants, you know it was a good time!”

Leah and Nic, we had such a great time working with you and we hope that the two of you have the brightest, happiest marriage.

Reception- Le Pavillion
Hair- Adrienne LeBlanc
Makeup- Amanda Cecil
Flowers- Leona Sue’s
Cake- Sugar Belle by Elise